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Aihana is passionate about providing premium mooncakes for delectation & gifts.

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Our mooncakes are worry-free to Muslims as it is free from any impermissible elements.
The Brand
The brand of AihanaⓇ translate the value of exquisite taste and luxury. Positioned as the crown jewel of Halal mooncake industry. We believe everybody deserves the happiness and joy from mooncakes delight.
The Tradition
We make our mooncakes according to the traditional Chinese recipes. Worry not, all of the ingredients are Halal certified. Carefully selected, high quality ingredients are used to make our mooncakes.
The Pleasure
 Our mooncakes are less sweet, less oily and not using any preservatives. Best of all, they are made-to-order, to ensure intense freshness. Luxurious savory one bite a time. C’est vraiment très bon.


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Aihana - Halal Premium Mooncakes
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